I am predominantly a self taught artist, passionate about producing artwork from an almost photographic quality to a more relaxed informal style.  I take my inspiration from the natural world and the environment around me. 

I absolutely loved Art at school, choosing to take this subject in both my GCSEs and as an 'A' level.  Over the following years, I married and worked in the health care sector and due to the busyness of life I gradually stopped painting.  Following the birth of my third child and working in a hospice, I started to paint again for relaxation.  At this time Dorothy House Hospice opened up an Outreach Centre and I was given the opportunity to sell my artwork on their walls.  Several years on, my paintings, limited edition prints and greeting cards have continued to sell and I also have the privilege of working on commissions.

In 2019, I was able to start working on my artwork full time, which was a dream come true.  Being able to work around the family has been such a blessing.  I now have a studio and the space is rapidly filling with all the the paints, canvases, frames and paraphernalia that goes along with this kind of work.

I live in the beautiful county of Wiltshire with my three children and mischievous cat called Nala.